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Who We Are

Raven General Petroleum is an a energy commodity trading company. We are engaged in commercial activities primarily across oil trading,shipping and soft commodities.

Our success is anchored on the skill, market intelligence and worldwide resources we deploy to add value to our customers, stakeholders and to optimise the value chain.

Trading counterparty relationships across



Around the world

Growing our trade volume to


Thousand Tons

Of commodity & pertoleum products monthly

Our group operations and offices are spread across




Our oil & gas equipment inventory span over


Onshore & Offshore

Certified oil field equipments

Our Vision

Our vision is to deliver world class services to our clients across key market segments.

  • Integrity
  • Work with qualified and experienced people
  • Effective corporate and local presence

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy is focused on grwoth through a building block approach.

  • Build and consolodate regional positions by bridging the gap between buyers and sellers
  • To establish a solid foundation that utilises skillsets and market intelligence to access, develop and sustain international commodity markets.

Our Mission

Our mission is to crate valuein oil, gas, petroleum products and field equipment supplies that go seamlessly with outstanding logistics.

Our Group

Raven General Petroleum LLC (Dubai) is a member of the Raven Resources Group. Raven Resources Group is an international oil and gas exploration and production company with interests in producing and prospective properties in Asia, Africa and The Middle East. The Company strategy is focused on establishing a portfolio of drilling opportunities to exploit undeveloped reserves to grow production, as well as undertaking exploration drilling to grow future reserves.

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