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Raven Energy is a vertically integrated power company, delivering custom designed power solutions for industries and governmental agencies. We have extensive experience providing financing, EPC contracting, site investigation, plant operation, maintenance, and fuel sourcing. we pride ourselves on developing projects from conception to completion.

Our portfolio of technologies includes gas powered generation, and renewable energy solutions. Our highly experienced team have a proven track record in developing, constructing and operating energy projects across field scale solar, gas fired independent power plants, anaerobic digestion plants.

Areas of expertise:

  • Scalable gas to power IPP financing and deployment
  • Installation, maintenance, and operation of power generation infrastructure
  • Electricity transformation and distribution infrastructure procurement and installation

Powering Public Infrastructure

Governments and state utilities in emerging economies are delegating responsibility for power generation to private companies, under a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). Under this agreement, an Independent Power Producer (IPP) is contracted to deliver a specified amount of electrical power within a specified contract period. Raven Energy offers turnkey EPC (engineering, procurement and construction) services, as well as after-sales support (which includes plant operations and maintenance) to meet the needs of State Owned Enterprises (SOEs) and utilities as well as industrial clusters requiring constant power supply for operations.

Case Study

Raven Blueline IPP

The Blue Line Independent Power Project is one of the most robustly designed and innovative power installations in Nigeria.

At the end of a competitive bid process, Raven was appointed by Lagos State to develop, build, own, operate and transfer a power plant that will provide reliable electricity to power The Blueline Train, metro rail station and ancillary facilities associated with the trains’ operations.

The Metro-rail mode of transportation, and by extension, its powering system are unprecedented developments in Nigeria. The success of the project depends upon a flawless execution at the initial stage. This is one of our core strengths.

The responsibility of building electricity generation and distribution infrastructure for a municipal project is not something that we have taken lightly. Detailed feasibility studies that cover the spectrum of technical considerations, including geophysical, and geotechnical studies have informed the design and development of the plant. Given the nature of the project we made reliability and safety the overarching philosophy of the entire project.

Our design Philosophy has been to maximize the reliability of the train, so we concentrated on redundancies and best practices in fundamental design. Our plant contains n+1 gas reciprocating generation, CNG availability, LNG storage, in addition to full diesel (AGO) redundancy backups in the event of gas interruptions for any elongated period of time. Consequently, this power project is virtually uninterruptable.

We are able to replicate and build on the success of this project to meet the unique needs of clients.


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