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Drawing from our knowledge of international markets and access to major trading hubs, Raven Energy has the capability and capacity to trade virtually all petroleum and oil products. Our success is anchored on the expertise and experience of our team, paired with the market intelligence and global resources we deploy.

We supply premium fuels to commercial end-users that require the highest standard in quality. Our clients trust us implicitly to help them navigate successfully through the challenging landscape of quality supply and on time delivery. Thanks to the efficiency of our integrated business model, we are able optimize the value-chain which makes us extremely competitive in our pricing without compromising quality.

Our Offerings

Raven Energy’s trading is delivered via a combination of the two offerings below:

Physical Trading

This includes the trading of crude oil and petroleum products which include petroleum products such as Jet A1, kerosene, gasoline, gas oil, natural gas, LPG, naphtha, fuel oil and bitumen. Raven offers supply and trading contracts that assures on performance within agreed timelines.


As part of our product trading offering and in order to afford adequate risk management vis-à-vis financial protection to our clients, we hedge all trade and supply contracts with well-structured derivatives. Given the level of dexterity, centralisation and engagement required to put in place a functional risk management framework, this function is run from our Dubai office, which is among the global trading hubs.


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